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Mahe Ramadhan 1438 (2017) - Announcement

Mahe Ramadhan 1436 (2015) - Announcement

Inshallah 1st Ramzan will be on 27 May 2017.

Our heartiest and warmest congratulations to all momineen for the holy Month of Ramadhan 1438H (2017).

We pray that Allah (SWT) bestows His blessings upon you and your family.

During Ramzan there will be Tilawat e Quran, Dua e Iftitah and a short lecture every day (except when there is a scheduled Mission's Milad / Majlis) before Maghraiban Namaz.

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Muharram Programme 1437H

Muharram Programme 1435H

Majalis will Insha'Allah start at 7 PM sharp from Wednesday 14th October 2015, please encourage and bring both children and youth for English Majalis on time.



  • Maulana Syed Zeeshan Haider (Urdu)
  • Brother Alexander Khaleeli (English)

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Mahe Ramadhan 1436 (2015) - Announcement

Mahe Ramadhan 1436 (2015) - Announcement

Majlis -e-Ulema Shia hereby announces that 1st Ramazan will be on Friday 19th June 2015. 

Our heartiest and warmest congratulations to all momineen for the holy Month of Ramadhan 1436H (2015).

We pray that Allah (SWT) bestows His blessings upon you and your family. 

Please note that Mission will be open every evening at Maghrib during the Month of Ramadhan.

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Waiting for & Calling the Awaited leader

Waiting for & Calling the Awaited leader

Background a) Waiting is not a passive situation. It requires efforts & actions to bring about changes on both personal & social fronts.

b) The Reappearance is also dependant upon the conditions of supporters & the society. The leader also awaits the availability of followers who will instantly obey w/o hesitation & questioning.

c) Allah (swt) operates through a normal cause & effect conditions & miracles are not put into motion in many situations. Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change their own condition; Quran Ch 13 V11

d) History repeats itself & Quran is a book of guidance, hence narrates those episodes where there are learning values for humanity

e) Many recent events point to the fact that the reappearance is very close. Many Hadith also point out that, at the end of time it will be easier to hold burning coal in bare hands than to keep ones faith in tact.

f) Reappearance will finally take place, with or without participation from us, the question each one of us has to answer is; what is our role & responsibility today in the scheme of things.

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English Fatimiyya Majlis

English Fatimiyya Majlis

MISSION 313 Presents

An English Lecture by Sheikh Mirza Abbas on (Saturday 21st of Mar) at 7.40PM.

7:40PM - Qur'an
7:50PM - Marsiya
8:00PM - English Lecture by Sheikh Mirza Abbas
9:00PM - Latimiyya

Hazrat Abbas (AS)

Hadhrat Abbas was born in Medina on 4th Shabaan 26 AH (645 AD). When the news of his birth reached Imam Ali, he prostrated himself on the ground as a token of his humble thanks to God. Imam Hussain took the baby in his arms and recited the Adhan and Iqama (Calls for Prayers) in his right and left ears respectively. Then the new born baby opened his eyes to see the beloved face of Imam Hussain. On the seventh day of his birth the ceremony of Aqeeqa (which is one of the emphasised traditions) was performed and Imam Ali named the child 'Abbas'.

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Ashra-E-Arbaeen 1436H

Ashra-E-Arbaeen 1436H

4th to 8th of December 2014
7.30 PM - Quran
7.40 PM - Soz/Salaam
8.00 PM - Urdu Majlis - Maulana Syed Zeeshan Haider Zaidi
9.00 PM - Nauha/Matam

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Imaam Ali (AS)

All human beings experience ups and downs and face different problems in life, when individuals usually get weak and become unable to deal with problems themselves they try with the aid and guidance of the experts to save themselves from the troubled situations. In such situations finding the best "examples" and following their way one can perform their duties in the best way as to solve their problems and relieve their pains. One of these examples is the honoured prophet (pbhu&hf) whom the holy Quran has described (indentified) as best example. Other than the Messenger of God (pbuh&hf), if we look for another example and replacement for his holiness we would find a great example in the (leader of the pious) his holiness Imam Ali (AS). Morals and behaviour through which his holiness has dealt with ups and downs in his life are such an asset for ourselves following which can help us achieve success in both worlds.

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Imaam Sajjad (AS)

No Imam began his Imamat in a more tragic atmosphere. The first day of his Imamat saw him seriously ill and a captive of the army of Yazid in Karbala. His father and predecessor had sacrificed all he had on the altar of truth; and Imam Zayn al-'Abidin found himself with a group of helpless widows and orphans being led from place to place, from the durbar of Ibn Ziyad to the court of Yazid. Finally they were thrown into a prison, where the Imam spent the first year of his Imamat, cut off from the followers of his father and unable to look after their affairs.

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International Day of Peace 2014

International Day of Peace 2014

International Day of Peace 2014
All different faith leaders, jointogether to sign and endorse Peace.
Friday 19th September 2014
Exhibition opens from 1PM - 5PM
1:15PM - Friday Sermon and Prayers (Open for Observation)
2:30PM - Yes to Peace; Signing Ceremony
3:30PM - Refreshments

Muharram Programme 1436H

Muharram Programme 1436H

Majalis will Insha'Allah start at 7 PM sharp from Saturday 25th October 2014, please encourage and bring both children and youth for English Majalis on time.


  • Maulana Agha Mehdi Ali (Urdu)
  • Brother Sikander Khaleeli (English)

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Imaam Naqi (AS)

Imam al-Hadi (A) reported from his fathers that:

“Ameer al-Mumineen Ali ibn Abi Talib (A) has said that he (A) once heard the Messenger of Allah (SAW) saying: 'When people shall be resurrected on the day of Judgement, a caller will call me: ‘O Messenger of Allah! Allah has permitted you to reward your lovers and the lovers of your progeny who have followed them for your sake; and opposed their enemies for your sake. You can reward them as you like’. I shall say: ‘My Lord! Paradise! Put them in whatever part of it You like. This is the praised estate, which You have promised’.” (Bihar al-Anwaar).

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Who is Hussain (AS)?

A world of love, of morality, of compassion, is one worth striving for.  What’s more – it’s within our grasp. All we have to do is learn from the life of a truly inspirational man named Hussain.

Hussain was born in 620 AD to a family famed for their values of equality, love and peace. Raised by his grandfather Prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HF - the last prophet of Islam). Hussain was a figure known for his integrity, generosity of spirit and blindness to colour, social class and personal beliefs. It was for this reason that people flocked to him and his family.

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Imaam Hasan ibn Ali (al-Askari) (AS)

The Eleventh Imam: Hasan ibn ‘Ali (al-Askari) (AS)
Samarra (Surre Mun Ra’) was a garrison town about 60 miles north of Baghdad. River Euphrates flows in the middle of the town, and because of the surrounding hills a cool breeze keeps the area cooler in comparison to Baghdad. The word ‘Asker’ in Arabic is used for army. Our 11th Imam’s title became known as Askari, the one who lived all his life in a garrison town.

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Mission Statement

We strive to awaken the Ummah for the return of His (A.T.F.S.)

We aim to transform our community into a unit of inspirational leaders by awakening them spiritually, politically, socially and economically through the understanding and practice of Pure Islam.

We are a registered Charity in the UK No. 277961.