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Why Imaam Hussain (A.S.) is not forgotten?

The Greatest Martyr Of Mankind

The one whose martyrdom, grief, pain, sorrows and children's captivity were all only for God will never fade out of the memories. Instead, by the pace of time and age his love, fascination, and charm will grow in the hearts of people. And each year the love and fascination of the people with respect to that "pure and chaste revolutionary" increases. Imaam Hussain (A.S.) spent 57 years of his prolific life for the sake of God's love and God's search. Many times he traveled, to the God's house for pilgrimage, on foot. He was very fond of prayers confessions and supplication talking intimately. So far so, that on the last night of his life, he asked for respite only that he might sit all alone and make confessions and supplications, to his God.

One of his companions said about Arafat prayers and supplications of Imam Hussain (A.S.). On the 10th day of the month of Zil Hijj Imam Hussain (A.S.) stood in the burning and scorching desert of Arafat facing Holy Ka’bah and prayed with painful and aching heart,

Oh God! I turn my face towards you (focus my attention) and give evidence about your being God. O God! You created me and continuously remained along with me and provided me with sustenance and livelihood with several kinds of blessings and bounties. Praise is for the God; nothing can change whose desire and stop His munificence and generosity.
Oh God adjudge and fix in my soul the independence and freedom from desires and faith and confidence in my heart, and sincerity in my practice and light in my vision and awareness in my religion.

Why We Cry?
I Take Refuge In Allah From The Stoned Satan.
In Name Of Allah The Source Of Mercy To All Of Creation; The Source Of The Mercy To The Believing Congregation.

Oh Allah Bless Muhammad’s Soul, And Rain Down Peace on His Household.
“Why We Cry”

Don’t think our cries are too extreme. There’s good reason for grown men to scream. Our actions aren’t of those insane, we weep in Zikr (remembrance) of Hussain pbuh. When the guilty kills the innocent to usurp Islamic Government, Should not a Muslim cry in pain?


Hussain! Hussain! Hussain! Hussain
Reflect on Hussain’s flawless fame. Reflect on Yazeed, steeped in shame. Shall not the heart be pierced by woe when the Khalif is Al-Islam’s foe? Oh what a dark, sad thought to bear, It breaks the heart, moves joy to tear. That’s why our tears fall down like rain.


Hussain! Hussain! Hussain! Hussain
A heart of stone’s too hard to cry. A mind that’s closed won’t wonder why. A foolish man is deaf and blind. A coward always stays in line. But a soul that prostrates on its face. With trembling heart, seeking God’s Grace Won’t hide from Truth, can’t hide the pain.


Hussain! Hussain! Hussain! Hussain
The Khalif chose vile tricks, and lies. Hussain chose death, not compromise. This Prophet’s son would not bow down; Preferring death to being bound to evil hind’s Satanic Son. So with his death The Imam won. Imam’s loss of loved ones was Islam’s gain.


Hussain! Hussain! Hussain! Hussain!
Oh what a brave and selfless deed, to give up life for Islam’s creed; to sacrifice both friend, and kin to show the world Islam from sin. Are you confused which side is right? How would you stand if called to fight? Are you aware just who was slain.


Hussain! Hussain! Hussain! Hussain
The leader of The Garden’s Youth was murdered by a drunk uncouth. Understand the scene my friend; An angel murdered by a jinn who held the Ummah’s reins.


Hussain! Hussain! Hussain! Hussain
A Nimrod in Islamic Guise. Truth mixed with lies. An Ummah fooled by slight of hand. One raised his voice. One dared to stand. An Abraham who chose The Flames Rejecting falsehood kingly claims an Abel who opposed a Cain.


Hussain! Hussain! Hussain! Hussain
How could a demon rise so high to cause the Prophet’s son to die; to kill him with the Muslim’s sword; And in The Name Of Prophet’s Lord? Can might make right, and rule God’s Deyn? Then how did things get so obscene? How will we ever clean the stain?


Hussain! Hussain! Hussain! Hussain
They wouldn’t let Hussain’s men drink. And now they will not let you think. They barred them from a river clear. They bar you from a knowledge dear. The fence your mind with bigotry and tie your hands with apathy. Why should a Muslim not feel pain?


Hussain! Hussain! Hussain! Hussain
These Yazeeds kill for crown, and purse. At least Muslims can spit and curse, but many think the cost too high. So they obey the one’s who lie. They would not allow Husayn a drink. And now they won’t let Muslim’s think and those who think, they call insane.


Hussain! Hussain! Hussain! Hussain
The world’s a Karballa, a desert dry; And Quran’s a river flowing by, And Ishtahad’s a water skin that’s cool and filled for thirsty men. Where is Abbas with what we need? His canteen was pierced with shafts of greed. Our thirst is not from lack of rain.


Hussain! Hussain! Hussain! Hussain
Though martyrdom gave Abbas wings, Thirst remains and grief still stings. But tears alone won’t slake our thirst. Tears by themselves can make things worse. Who will stand? Who will try to speak The Truth ... To stand ... To die; To cause a tyrant’s moon to wane?


Hussain! Hussain! Hussain! Hussain!Hussain! Hussain! Hussain! Hussain!Hussain! Hussain! Hussain! Hussain!

Oh Allah Bless Muhammad’s Soul, And Rain Down Peace On His Household.

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We strive to awaken the Ummah for the return of His (A.T.F.S.)

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