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Info Phone - 0208 568 6180

Muharram Programme 1439H

Majalis will Insha'Allah start at 7:30 PM sharp from Thursday 21st September 2017, please encourage and bring both children and youth for English Majalis on time.



  • Maulana Muntazir Abbas (Urdu)
  • Br Faisal Iqbal (English)


7.30 PM - Tilawat & Soaz-O-Salaam
8.00 PM - English Majalis
8.30 PM - Urdu Majalis followed by Matam-E-Hussain

21 Sep (Thu)
Eve. of 1st Muharram (Subject to the moon)
22 Sep (Fri)
1st Muharram
23 Sep (Sat)
2nd Muharram
24 Sep (Sun)
3rd Muharram
25 Sep (Mon)
4th Muharram
26 Sep (Tue)
5th Muharram
27 Sep (Wed)
6th Muharram (Ziarat-e-Jhoola)
28 Sep (Thu)
7th Muharram (Ziarat-e-Taboot Qasim)
29 Sep (Fri)
8th Muharram (Ziarat-e-Alum)
30 Sep (Sat)
9th Muharram (Ziarat-e-Taboot)
01 Sep (Sun)
ASHURA (Aamal at 11 am)
Majalis of 11th of Moharrum and Soyem will start at 7:30 PM


Roz-E-Ashura 01-Sep-2017 [Sun]
Aamal-E-Ashura will start at 11:00 AM followed by Namaz-E-Zohrain at 12:50 PM then Majlis followed by Faqah Shikni. Shaam-E-Ghariban majlis will start at 7.30 PM.


Ladies Majalis
From 1st to 9th Muharram will start at 10:00 am in the morning.
Mohtarima Narjis Ali (Mohadissa E Qum) will address first Ashra. (Ladies Majalis).
Mohtarima Ishrat Tirmizi (Mohadissa E Qum) will address Ashra-E-Arbaeen (Ladies Majalis) (Wed 01st Nov 2017 to Fri 10th Nov 2017).
Mohterima Shazia Naqvi will address Third Alwidai Ashra (Ladies Majalis) (Sat 18th Nov 2017 to Mon 27th Nov 2017).


Shahadat e Imam Zainul Abideen (A.S.)
Majlis and Taboot on 24th of Moharrum (Sunday 15th of Oct 2017) on the eve of Shahadat e Imam Zainul Abideen A.S. at 7:30 PM.


Starting from Wed 1st Nov 2017(11 Safar) to Fri 10th Nov 2017 (20 Safar). Majalis will start at 7:30 PM. These Majalis can be sponsonsored. The name of Aalim will be annunced later.


Those members, who wish to bring tabarruk for majalis, please give your name to Br. Ibne Ali Naqvi 07984925440 or Br. Mansoor Husain 07885136218 at least two days before the date. The cost of tabarruk for each majlis is estimated between £300 to £700. You can contribute any amount towards tabarruk. Please note that the strangers distributing tabarruk outside the Mission are not authorized by the Management committee.


Security has been arranged for the Moharram. Security Guards will be posted at the men’s and women’s enterances of the Mission during evening majlises. Please cooperate with the Security Guards. They are there to help and protect us. Providing Security is expensive so please donate generously towards it.


Building Funds
As you know that the cost of day-to-day running of the Mission has increased substantially, so please donate generously to keep the Mission afloat and to carry out further projects. Please renew your membership from 1st Moharrum.


Funeral Service
The Funeral Service is now fully operational. Please do consider to join. The yearly contribution for the old members is £100 and for new members is £150. Renewal of membership will be from 1st of Moharrum every year. Please read the laid down conditions before you become the member of Funeral Fund.

Car Parking

Please park your cars with the consideration of other car users and the traffic in front of the Mission. Try to park further away from the Mission. It will be appreciated if the members could car pool so that less cars are used for more people. There will be some volunteers to guide the parking. Please co-operate with these guides so that the functions run smoothly and do not give unnecessary cause for concern to the neighbours

Ladies Tabarruk Notice

Ladies who wish to sponsor any Majlis, please contact Mrs. Fouzia Naqvi [Tel - 0208 570 0693] [Mob - 07811 330742]. The contribution for the use of the Ladies Hall for a private majlis is £60. Please make sure that the starting and finishing time of the majlis is strictly observed. It is the responsibility of the sponsor to wash all the dishes used, and leaves the kitchen in a clean state.


Those Zakireen who wish to recite soaz/salam, please give your name earlier and stick to the time given. The Stage secretary Br Hasan Naqvi will try to accommodate as many zakirs as possible. There is very limited time, so please don’t be offended if you miss out for the day.

Mission Statement

We strive to awaken the Ummah for the return of His (A.T.F.S.)

We aim to transform our community into a unit of inspirational leaders by awakening them spiritually, politically, socially and economically through the understanding and practice of Pure Islam.

We are a registered Charity in the UK No. 277961.