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19 Thornbury Road, Isleworth, TW7 4LQ

Info Phone - 0208 568 6180

HIM Funeral Services


  • Person who is a paid up member of Hussaini Islamic Mission Hounslow and his / her dependant relatives.
  • Member and his / her dependant relatives live within 25 miles of Hussaini Islamic Mission Hounslow.
  • The yearly  contribution for the old members is £100 and for new members is £150. Renewal of membership will be from 1st of Moharrum every year.

Services Provided

  • Collection of body from the place of death.
  • Provide ablution (ghusal ) and kafan at Mission premises.
  • Arrange for the grave, take the body to the cemetery and perform the burial service.
  • Funeral fund will bear the expenses up to £1500 only. If the cost of funeral is over £1500, then the funeral committee will consult the bereaved family for a suitable arrangement.

Additional Information

The cost of grave (plot) at ...

  • Bagh-e- Zehra £2500 + digging charge
  • Stanmore £ 1300 +
  • Mehfil-e- Ali £ 1300 +
  • Hounslow Cemetery (Powdermill lane)
    • For residents £910 + digging charge
    • Non-residents £910 + (digging charge x 3= £1500)

Funeral Fund Form

HIM Hall Booking

Hire of Hall and Facilities

The new rates apply from 1 st of September 2011.


  • Gents Hall £120 (4Hrs maximum)
  • Ladies Hall £60 (4Hrs maximum)

Wedding / Milad / Conference / Exhibition etc

  • Gents Hall @ £50 an hour ( Minimum booking time 4 Hrs )
  • Ladies Hall @ £25 an hrs ( Minimum booking time 4 Hrs )
  • Usage of utensils and Kitchen £10

Terms and conditions

  • Extra Cleaning charge of £50 will be taken in advance and reimbursed on the condition that the halls and toilets are cleaned properly.
  • Usage of HIM Disposable plates and utensils will be charged separately as per number of expected guest.
  • Extra time will be charged by hour on the usage of the facilities.
  • All activities will be done as per the rules of the HIM (TBA).
  • 25% discount for HIM members on hall hire only.
  • The person hiring the facility will be liable for maintaining the following:
    Parking and Traffic control in the area.
    The programmes will not run beyond 2300 hrs. (TBA)

HIM Religious Services

Hussaini Islamic Mission, in common with other Islamic organisations in Europe, wishes to provide spiritual guidance for the Muslim community at large, and also wishes to cater for the social, cultural, educational and recreational needs of members of the community – especially women and the next generation.

The Mission's other main objective manifests itself in its sincere effort to disseminate authentic knowledge about Islam and to provide non-Muslims with a better and clearer understanding of Islam.

Hussaini Islamic Mission seeks to build bridges with the society at large and establish closer ties between peoples of different faiths and cultures all over the world.

Mission Statement

We strive to awaken the Ummah for the return of His (A.T.F.S.)

We aim to transform our community into a unit of inspirational leaders by awakening them spiritually, politically, socially and economically through the understanding and practice of Pure Islam.

We are a registered Charity in the UK No. 277961.