Notice Board

19 Thornbury Road, Isleworth, TW7 4LQ

Info Phone - 0208 568 6180

HIM Membership

The new management is committed on a drive to increase the membership of the mission. Existing members please ensure that you renew and increase the standing orders if applicable. All old and new memberships starts from 1st of Moharram.


Membership fee per annum

  • Single member - £75.00
  • Couple - £120.00
  • Family of four - £150.00
  • Students - £10.00


Please fill the HIM Membership Form and submit the same to official during the 10 days of moharram.

(If you need any assistance please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the management team.)

Mission Statement

We strive to awaken the Ummah for the return of His (A.T.F.S.)

We aim to transform our community into a unit of inspirational leaders by awakening them spiritually, politically, socially and economically through the understanding and practice of Pure Islam.

We are a registered Charity in the UK No. 277961.